Brothers Cabinetry AND Design

About Us

The choices you make in design, materials, and features are what make your project distinctively yours. When you build your project or dream home with us, you can choose what best suits your taste and lifestyle. We believe in Quality, and for us this cannot be achieved without creating a good and solid relationship with our clients.  We create a bridge between our clients and their projects or dream homes. Trusting our creativity to help you to reach your ultimate goal in your living and working spaces.

We believe in our services and we know we can meet your needs. 

We offers free initial consultation to discuss your needs, ideas,  project scope, budget, and timeline. We will work with you to explain our design build process as well as answer any questions that you may have. We begin by listening to your needs.  What are the most important considerations to you?  Once we capture your vision, we work collaboratively with you to outline the opportunities and plan for the work ahead.

No two projects have the same requirements for their custom work. Some have a detailed picture in mind while others have only a general idea of what they want.  We have the experience and flexibility to work with you whatever level of knowledge you bring, to make sure that your comfort level remains high throughout the custom building process.  For any of our custom projects, we offer support and services in the following areas:

1. Design

Whether it is conducting surveys, land analysis or creating conceptual designs for your project, we work with you to develop an accurate understanding of your project, schedule, and budget. We provide creative input and preliminary drawings to guide you and reach the final Design. 

2. Contracts & Permits

Once appropriate time is spent in the Design process, the next phases are quite easy and stress free.  We look after getting the required permits, contracts, and documentation, and can work with the City or Municipality to begin your custom construction project. 

3. Build

By paying close attention to details, we work within your budget and timeline to ensure a smooth building cycle. Seeing your custom project or dream home take shape can be a satisfying experience.  We schedule and share all the components of the project and walkthroughs if applicable. These progress tours let you see the quality of our custom work.

4. Follow-up & After Sales Service

Nobody’s perfect. Inevitably there are some things that need adjusting or touching up that come to light only after delivery. Part of building custom projects is looking after them. We commit to making everything right, not only because we take pride in our work, but also because it’s the right thing to do.